Design and Construction
of pharmaceutical facilities 

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At Spectrum we apply a scientific approach for all the projects handled. The process begins with setting of project goal and objectives followed by extensive data collection & compilation and stakeholder interactions which help formulate project specific objectives.

We believe in participatory approach towards planning and at every stage interact not only with clients but also with relevant stakeholders to ensure delivery of appropriate solutions.

Subsequently, the information is analysed based on which reports and conceptual layouts are prepared. Special consideration is given to safety requirements in all our designs.


Using GEP (Good Engineering Practice) to achieve GMP.



Mr. Swaminathan has spent the last 30 years of his career in executing various Chemical and Pharmaceutical (both API’s and Finished Dosage Forms) projects. He is experience in all aspects of project management right from concept planning to start up.

Mr. I. C. SAHU

Actively involved as core member for in-house upgrading of upstream and downstream technology for Streptomycin & Penicillin ,expansion activities resulted in transforming a loss making to profit making Company .Introduced various art-of-state technology, viz. Sterile Liquid and Air Filtration system, Separation of Antibiotics by membrane Technology, Automation, Energy efficient system, etc.

Mr. Aniruddha Parmar

Aniruddha has been instrumental in successfully handling and completing several projects within tight timelines and budget. Given further is a snapshot of his important assignments in the past.

Our specialty is delivery of turn-key projects for pharmaceutical engineering and construction. We understand the unique design requirements for such facilities and provide industry-focused, up-to-date solutions, which meet and exceed our clients’ particular requirements.

We’ve delivered pharmaceutical facilities world-wide:

  1. API Manufacturing
  2. Pilot Plants for Dosage Forms
  3. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Pilot Plant / Kilo Labs
  4. Analytical Laboratories
  5. Research and Development Laboratories
  6. Finished Dosage form manufacturing facilities:
    • Oral Solid Dosages
    • Semi-Solids
    • Liquids
    • Aseptic Products
    • Lyophilized Products
    • Soft Gelatin Capsules
    • Biotech products

In all projects the goal is to find solutions meeting the basic functional requirements at the lowest possible life-cycle cost. Many opportunities to increase overall cost efficiency and enhance system performance can be identified by teaming up with Spectrum during the early stages of a project