Design and Construction
of pharmaceutical facilities 

41 Duke Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8HH, United Kingdom


Integrated Consulting LP


Provides architectural and engineering services to the Pharmaceutical Industry. The Scope of services we provide covers all stages right from concept design to detailed engineering, commissioning and start-up for this industry.


Integrated Consulting LP


Has developed Expertise and rich experience in designing Laboratories, API and Formulation Facilities for High Potent Compounds such as Cytotoxic Compounds, Hormones and Steroids.


Is an ambitious and well-established company from the UK whose headquarters is based in Edinburgh (Scotland). The main focus of the company for many years past are primarily pharmaceutical manufacturers in Western and Eastern Europe.


we are

SPECTRUM Integrated Consulting LP

'We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit’

SPECTRUM Integrated Consulting is a foreward-looking, well-established UK company with headquarters in Edinburgh (Scotland). SPECTRUM Integrated Consulting provides architectural, engineering and construction services to the Pharmaceutical Industry. The Scope of our services covers every stage of manufacturing - from concept design to detailed engineering and commissioning of the facility, including supply and installation of all required systems and equipment.

SPECTRUM Integrated Consulting ability to deliver industry-specific solutions derives from the fact that we possess a thorough understanding and appreciation of the unique requirements of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. This gives us a significant competitive edge. Our team is comprised of professionals with hands-on experience in operating and maintaining equipment and systems in the pharmaceutical industry. All of our key team members are members of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers.


we DO

Design and Construction

SPECTRUM Integrated Consulting possesses broad experience in API and Formulation Facilities for the production of General and High Potency Compounds like cytotoxic compounds, hormones and steroids, as well as pharmaceutical laboratories and warehouses.

We have successfully established sterile and non-sterile pharmaceutical facilities in locations across Europe, Asia and Africa. We also have extensive firsthand experience working with international regulatory agencies including MHRA (UK), FDA (USA), and WHO.